Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's

Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's
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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Overseas Weddings Soar....Make yours a BARBADOS WEDDING by Sanojah's

What do Westlife band member  Kian Egan, Cobra Starship front man Gabe Saporta and designer Erin Fetherston have in common?
And this is a trend that, according to new research from LV= travel insurance, is on the rise.
The new report has found a 20 per cent increase in the number of overseas weddings, placing the number of foreign ceremonies at 280,000 over the past five years.
Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= travel insurance, attributed the rise to cost-cutting and weather: "Choosing to marry abroad can be a savvy move to save money and guarantee good weather."
The other main reasons given by couples for choosing a destination wedding included a family connection with the country (63%), the chance of better weather (32%), having an exotic setting (27%) as well as simply wanting a smaller wedding than they would otherwise have if they had a UK-based celebration. 11% also said they simply 'didn't want a fuss'.
While travel and accommodation are understandably more expensive for overseas weddings, the venue, entertainment, catering, photography, decorations and the honeymoon are all typically cheaper. According to the research which surveyed 2,000 Britons, overseas weddings cost £10,000 less than the average ceremony in the UK.
The most popular destinations to wed? America, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and France.

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