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Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's
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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Looking for some DIY centerpiece inspiration? Look no further, today we are going to show you seven of our favorite, super easy DIY centerpieces using wine bottles. Why wine bottles you may ask? Well because not only do they look awesome but also empty wine bottles can be a super fun thing to collect. So sit back, pop a cork, pour a glass, and enjoy this collection of fabulous DIY ideas!
1. Twine Wrapped – Whether you use a little or a lot, wrapping a bottle in twine can really add some rustic charm. Very chic!
Tip - We love the neutral look twine gives to a centerpiece but if you’re looking to inject a little more color into your decor, consider wrapping the bottles in colored yarn instead!
2. Chalk - Thank goodness for chalk board spray paint. Without it these lovely little centerpieces would never have been possible! Use your wine bottle canvas to display table numbers or leave a sweet message for your beloved guests.
Tip - Don’t forget to leave some chalk at the table so your guests can enjoy your awesome DIY!
3. Painted - This super easy project is great for creating a centerpiece that matches your wedding colors perfectly.
Tip - Get creative with the paint! Use it to completely change the look of a bottle or display table numbers in your desired hue.
4. Table Card Holders - This  is perhaps the easiest DIY but that doesn’t make it any less stylish! Make a functional card holder by cutting a slit in the cork of the wine bottle. Wedding DIYs have never been so simple!
Tip - Further personalize the bottle with a custom label or fancy card.
5. Candle Holders - Cutting wine bottles is easier than you think and definitely gives a really cool effect! However, if you are not brave enough to go the glass cutting route, try just using the top of the bottle as a candle holder.
Tip - If you do decide to cut your wine bottles, try experimenting with cutting the bottle at different lengths. We think different sized wine bottle candle holders look great when clustered together!
6. Glitter - What could be more glamorous then glittery wedding decor? We love the bling effect this DIY adds to your reception area!
Tip - Get extra crafty by using two different colored glitters to make an ombre effect.
 7. Hanging Flowers - Low on space? Nix the whole centerpiece idea and float your decor for a truly unique look!
Tip - We suggest using smaller wine bottle for this project because they are a little easier to hang.
Bonus - Okay, so this isn’t a centerpiece idea but we couldn’t resist! We love the idea of giving out little wine bottle as your favors. Not only are your guests guaranteed to love them, but just think about all of the interesting DIY’s you can do with all of those empty bottles!

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