Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's

Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's
Weddings in Barbados

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Escape to Paradise...Weddings and Honeymoons in Barbados.

Welcome to Cragmere and Windermere – two luxury villas. Stunning panoramic views from every room in the house – offer guests total privacy and luxury at its best. Escape the hectic days and relax by the infinity pool, or take a nap on one of the day beds, and feel the warm breeze from the ocean.

Both villas have won top awards from Trip Advisor and Flip Key for the past number of years.
Both villas are stunningly appointed with mahogany furniture, cozy couches, fully equipped granite kitchen and stunning bathrooms. No detail has been spared – from an outdoor speaker system and lights to air conditioning in each of the bedrooms.
To book your luxury vacation or for more information please do not hesitate to contact us.
These two villas are privately owned and operated by partners in Canada. We would be delighted to welcome you to our home away from home – as we also love to spend some time at these exquisite villas. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact one of our managers who would be delighted to assist with any questions you may have.
This beautiful story was sent to us from friends who have been visiting Barbados for numerous years, we wanted to share it:
" We wanted to share our reasons for the love of Barbados and it's people.
Our first visit to Barbados was in the early seventies, when we rented a Villa at Sunset Crest.Two return visits to the same area. We were then, invited by my cousin Dora Flynn to spend three different times with her in Cattlewash. Each year, Dora spent six months in Cattlewash, and 6 months , at her home in New Brunswick, spanning a period of 25- 30 years. She truly loved this Island and made a study of it's history. Cattlewash has now become our little bit of Heaven, and we have enjoyed bringing, and introducing special friends to the Island we love. We jokingly tell our local friends to keep the East Coast secret.
Over and above our need to leave Nova Scotia during the Feb/March cold period, and to come to the perfect climate, it's the friendliness of the people, that is the magnet that brings us back.
There would be too many incidents and happenings during our frequent stays that reflect the kindness and warmth of the people. However we must make mention of a few.
- During a church service in Bathsheba, it was common for an extended hand from behind to find the right page in our the prayer book.
- The school uniforms, bright,shining faces and obvious good manners.
- The forgiveness for making a wrong turn once it was noticed we drive a Hire car.
- Cheapside market shopping for figs. None to be had at any stall until one vendor who had purchased some for herself, told her husband to sell them to my wife at the same price she paid for them , rather than to make a profit.
- One final loving memory, was years ago while traveling on a bus with school children, an older sister had the hand of her younger sister as they passed by our seat.The younger girl, (4years old) accidentally rubbed my wife's leg. The older girl brought her back saying to her " mind your manners" which the child said"excuse me". How delightfully refreshing is that!!!!!
The overall courtesy shown to each other on the busses was obvious. For example, the younger standing to give the elders a seat.
Historically we Nova Scotians, have in trade sent lumber and salt cod, taking back rum and molasses.We think today that we have gotten the the better trade! Mount Gay rum is second to none!!!


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