Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's

Barbados Weddings by Sanojah's
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

BWS featured on the Virgin Atlantic Blog..Getting Married in Barbados: Top Wedding and Honeymoon Spots

{GUEST FEATURE} Virgin Atlantic

Getting Married in Barbados: Top Wedding and Honeymoon Spots

Orchid World

Another national treasure of Barbados is Orchid World. The landscaped six-acre gardens are home to more than 30,000 exquisite orchid species, alongside other tropical favourites like bourgainvillea, helicon, palms, ferns and succulents, all of which creates a vibrant fusion of colour and texture.
Brides can wander pathways that wind through the orchid houses, and with a bespoke Barbados Wedding by Sanojah’s, Orchid World can also match any bride's colour palette for a chic and co-ordinated wedding photo backdrop. The gazebo, multipurpose deck and flawless lawns can entertain a variety of events, including wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, book launches and tea parties.
Orchid World.jpg
Image credits – top left: Leslie St.John Photography top right: Steve Cumberbatch, both for BWS at Orchid World, bottom: Andrew O'dell at Orchid World

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